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Transeal WB Clear Concrete Sealer

An interior / exterior, waterborne acrylic sealer applied over properly prepare masonry and concrete surfaces.

$60.67 — $266.93

Product Description

TRANSEAL WB is an interior/exterior, low odor, waterborne acrylic sealer designed to be applied over properly prepared masonry, concrete, stucco, brick, block, stone, flagstone, granite, limestone and bluestone. Transeal WB forms a durable, flexible film which provides long lasting protection when properly applied over masonry and concrete walls, walks, basement floors, patios, pool decks, stairs, chimneys, brick veneers, concrete block, driveways and garage floors.

TRANSEAL WB CLEAR leaves a high gloss finish which highlights the natural beauty and color of flagstone, granite, bluestone, brick and other masonry materials. Transeal WB is the #1 most used product by Interstate Decorative Concrete Designs (

Additional Details
Transeal WB Uses and Advantages:
• Low odor – an ideal sealer to use for interior applications. • Seals and protects interior/exterior masonry and concrete walls, walks, basement floors, patios, pool decks, stairs, etc. • Easily applied straight from the can by brush, roller or spray equipment. • Durable and weather resistant. • Quick drying. • Non-yellowing.
Transeal WB Surface Preparation:
For optimum performance all new masonry, concrete and stucco must age at least 28 days prior to application. Surfaces to be coated must be DRY, sound and clean. Transeal WB will not fill voids or bridge large cracks. All deteriorated mortar joints, voids and cracks must be repointed or patched then allowed to cure. Remove all dirt, dust, spalling or loose concrete, oil, grease, wax, mildew, efflorescence, curing compounds, form release agents, paint or any other foreign material which might effect the bond. A dry removal method such as a sand or shot blasting procedure will ensure a proper surface preparation. Wet cleaning may also be used.
Transeal WB Coverage:
Coverage will vary depending on the porosity of the surface being coated. Approximate Coverage per ONE Gallon Slate, Flagstone…….…..250-350 sq. ft. Brick, Block, Concrete….150-250 sq. ft. Split Rib Block…….…..… 75-150 sq. ft.
Transeal WB Data Sheet:
Transeal WB MSDS Sheets: