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CFS Garage Concrete Floor Sealer

A solvent-based acrylic sealer designed to be applied over properly prepare concrete garage floors and storage units. A SOLVENT-BASED ACRYLIC SEALER DESIGNED TO BE APPLIED OVER PROPERLY PREPARED CONCRETE GARAGE FLOORS AND DRIVEWAYS.


Product Description

CFS is a solvent-based, acrylic sealer designed to be applied over properly prepared concrete and masonry driving surfaces that require hot tire resistance. CFS forms a durable film which provides long lasting protection when properly applied over garage floors, warehouse floors and driveways. CFS is available in Clear (high-gloss finish) and in a variety of colors (satin finish). Do not use CFS for interior applications (such as basements) or in any other enclosed area where vapors may accumulate and concentrate. Proper ventilation is required when using this product. Read all other limitations and warnings before using.

Additional Details
CFS Sealer Uses and Advantages:
Excellent protective coating for concrete garage floors, warehouse floors and storage units.
• Easily applied straight from the can by brush, airless sprayer or roller.
• Forms a durable film.
• Bridges hairline cracks.
• Provides an abrasion resistant surface.
• Impervious to water, salts, grease, petroleum oils, aliphatic solvents and other common chemicals.
• Prevents dusting on new or older concrete surfaces.
• Prevents moisture from migrating through on-grade floors.
CFS Sealer Surface Preparation:
For optimum performance all new concrete and masonry must age at least 28 days prior to application. Surfaces to be coated must be DRY, sound and clean. CFS will not fill voids or bridge large cracks. All voids and cracks must be repointed or patched then allowed to cure. Remove all dirt, dust, spalling or loose concrete, oil, grease, wax, mildew, efflorescence, curing compounds, form release agents, paint or any other foreign material which might affect the bond. A dry removal method such as a sand or shot blasting procedure will ensure a proper surface preparation. Wet cleaning may also be used. If the size of the job does not justify the costs of such equipment, all preparations may be accomplished manually. All oil and grease must be scrubbed with a degreasing compound, rinsed thoroughly then allowed to dry. After cleaning oil or grease spots, sprinkle a little water on the cleaned surface to check for residual contamination. Oil or grease is still present if the water forms small globules. If the water is quickly absorbed, the surface is clean. Efflorescence must be washed with a mild solution of muriatic acid and water, rinsed thoroughly then allowed to dry.
CFS Sealer Coverage:
Coverage will vary depending on theporosity of the surface being coated. Approximate Coverage per ONE Gallon Dense Concrete…….…..150-200 sq. ft. Porous Concrete…………..80-100 sq. ft..
CFS Sealer Data Sheet:
CFS Sealer MSDS Sheet: