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Interior Concrete Services Interior Services and Installations

1) Polished and Stained Concrete Floors

Grinding and polishing of existing concrete floors. Diamond grinding machines are used to remove adhesives and debris. Holes and cracks are filled and polished flat. The surface is cleaned and prepared to apply hardeners and optional stain colors. The polishing process uses progressively finer diamond tools to create a durable, high gloss shine. Finished surfaces are treated with stain guard and buffed to shine.

2) Interior Concrete Overlays

 Interior Concrete Resurfacing Coloring & Designing. Concrete overlays are applied over old concrete floors and walls. Walls are prepared with cement board prior to applying the concrete overlay, ideal for showers. The surfaces are prepared to insure a proper bond of the overlay product. The process treats and resurfaces with a thin overlay which may be colored and designed. Sealer or clear epoxy is used to protect or to create a waterproof seal.

3) Interior Wall Veneers

Stone Facing and Stucco Installation. Wall veneers vary for natural stone, cultured stone, vertical stamp and stucco.Wall are prepared and treated to ensure a permanent bond. Wall veneers are used to add beauty to fireplaces, accent walls and bathrooms. Many styles and colors are available. Stone feature walls have been trending, found in entry ways, bathrooms and family rooms.

4) Interior Waterproof Coatings

Epoxy and Urethane Installation. Epoxy and liquid rubber is applied in kitchens and bathrooms or where waterproof properties are desired. Epoxy quartz offers strength, traction and antibacterial properties to kitchens, showers and sanitation areas. Floors and walls are prepared to ensure a proper bond. Clear epoxy is used on other concrete surfaces to provide water and stain proof protection.

5) Electrical Radiant Heating Systems

Heated Floor Installation. Step out of the shower and stand on a warm floor. Stay warm and breathe easy with our embedded heating system. A concrete overlay or epoxy finish is applied over the heating system. The system is controlled manually or automatic with it’s own thermostat. Concrete and epoxy floors remain warm by absorbing the heat and radiating from the bottom up.

6) Clean and Shine Maintenance Services

Interior Cleaning and Maintenance Services. Concrete requires little maintenance. Scrubbing and buffing the surface cleans and smooths the concrete. Sealers or densifiers are applied to provide strength and durability.

Our interior concrete services are not only geared to improve the look and atmosphere. Our processes and treatment are implemented to  help reduce allergens, prevent toxic mold, and improve indoor air quality. Sealers and coatings are important to prevent dust and deterioration from the sun. All projects should be considered permanent.

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