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Exterior Concrete Services Exterior Services and Installation

1) Stamped Concrete Flatwork

New concrete with texture, patterns and color. Stamped concrete is the ideal product for New England patios, driveways, walkways and pool decks. Areas are excavated and formed to the desired shape. The concrete is stamped and/or colored while still in its plastic state. Sealers are used to reduce maintenance and to provide protection. 

2) Exterior Wall Veneers

Thin stone veneer and vertical stamped concrete. Natural stone, cultured stone and vertical stamp are the three products for stone facing. Stone veneers are used to dress foundations, facades and other wall structures. Outdoor kitchens, benches and accent walls are coated to provide a solid and natural look. Sealers and hardeners are used for protection against the weather.

3) Outdoor  Kitchens & Firepits. 

Exterior accessories to enjoy the outdoors. Firepits and outdoor kitchens adds character and life to outside areas. Kitchens are made by first pouring the concrete floor, then building the structure to house the grill and other accessories. Our concrete countertops are a great complement for the grill casing or  for The walls are coated with thin stone veneer or vertical stamped concrete. Sealers are used to protect all surfaces from the weather.

4) Retaining Allen Block Walls.

Structural walls to hold back soil. Allen block walls are designed to use the weight and setback of the block to resist the soil pressures behind the wall. Blocks come in different colors and styles. These block system can be incorporated into stairs and other structures requiring structure and support.

5) Farmer’s Porches and Columns.

Elevated decorative concrete porches and columns. Elevated porches and columns are made out of concrete or block. The structure is coated in a stone veneer, vertical stamped concrete or stucco. Stamped concrete is used on at the top landing.

6) Clean and Seal Maintenance Services

Masonry and concrete surfaces are cleaned and sealed for protection. Exterior surfaces are first pressure washed free of dirt and debris. When desired or recommended, color stain is used to enhance the look of the existing concrete. Surfaces can be scored and designed in patterns or clipart. Concrete and masonry surfaces are sealed to provide protection.


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